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We're grateful you found your way to our site, and that Gary's contributions continue to help and inspire new generations of writers, students and instructors. 


"Until his death in 1995, Gary Provost was one of the most beloved writing instructors in the United States. He taught tens of thousands of writers through his seminars, books, articles and videos."  --Writer's Digest.




It just so happens that Gary was the seventh son of a seventh son.  What are the odds?  Might that have had something to do with his genius?  Maybe.  In any case, he was born in Boston, a shy kid, youngest of nine, raised by a single mom.  Never went to college.  Dreamed of being a writer. Taught himself how to write effectively.  Finally, sold his first piece just before turning 30. 



He figured stuff out. Not just for himself, but also for us.


Well before he left us at the age of 50, he'd been considered the leading American instructor of writing-for-publication.  He'd also authored dozens of books in genres ranging from how-to writing instruction (of course!) to fiction (mystery, romance, YA), to satire, to nonfiction (biography, true crime, sports how-to, even business).


He traveled around the country as a featured speaker at writing conferences as well as with his week-end seminars and ten-day workshops.  He book doctored.  Ghosted.  Edited. Served as a business-writing consultant.  And thousands of his freelance articles were published in local, regional and national magazines and newspapers--including columns, humorous pieces and celebrity profiles. 


So you see?  Gary had been wherever you are now.  He understood.  Yet with all of his success, his greatest sense of fulfillment came from teaching other writers all that he had learned down there in the trenches.  About writing technique, the art and the craft.  And about the business aspects of being a writer. He loved that he could help students save years of trial and error, frustration, and disappointment.

"Sometimes only another writer understands what the rest of the world does not." 

--Gary Provost




Scroll around our home. Have a look at Gary's books. Video courses--finally and affordably downloadable! And check out the info for his intensive residential workshop, founded in 1987. It's still being offered. Perhaps we'll see you there one day!


No matter what--here's to your writing dreams coming true!