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100 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING: Proven Professional Techniques for Writing With Style and Power

100 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING is a complete course in the art of writing — simplified, of course, because Gary wrote the book.
Since its publication in 1985 100 WAYS continues to be a treasured tool for today's writers. You'll find detailed explanations and expert advice about every aspect of writing from inspiration to punctuation in Gary's gem of a handbook.
This timeless instruction is designed for both instant reference and cover-to-cover reading.

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Gary Provost's Make Every Word Count is a guide to assist writers of both fiction and nonfiction. Topics include: style, use of jargon, avoiding cliches, tone, intention, characterization, credibility, description, dialogue, viewpoints, and many more. This book will help you speak to the reader in his or her own language and control their reaction.

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BEYOND STYLE: Mastering the Finer Points of Writing

To write well, you must reach beyond the classroom basics of composition, get a grip on the more complex concepts, and learn how to create books, articles, and stories that move—not only from the editor’s desk to the bookstore, but also in the minds of your readers.
In this book, accomplished writer Gary Provost helps you tackle that tough task. Here you’ll touch the soul of fine fiction and nonfiction. You’ll explore the intangibles: the relationships between form and content, proportion and pacing, slant and theme. And you’ll gain a new perspective on how words work together.


Drawing on Gary Provost's proven philosophies, Rubie examines every facet of storytelling, from narrative hooks to fulfilling climaxes. Through advice, exercises, and an outstanding array of examples, you'll learn to create gripping narratives powered by strong characters. You'll discover the secrets of sequencing, of weaving subplots into rich stories, of manipulating story pace to increase conflict, tension, and surprise.


It all starts with a newspaper article depicting an unthinkable crime in a local community. From these headlines, a skilled writer can weave a full-length book - developing the characters, determining the motives, reporting on the judgment. That writer could be you.

If you're fascinated by unusual crime stories; if you want to know how to determine which stories have book potential; if you want to learn how to ferret out the details, the motives, and the psychological dramas that make up these crimes, this book is for you. Gary Provost, author of several true crime books and numerous other titles walks you through the process of writing a true crime story.


Because of his entertaining style, the late Gary Provost was one of the nations leading and most beloved writing instructors. A sought-after speaker, consultant, and celebrity biographer, Provost the writers writer authored thousands of articles and columns, and dozens of books covering most every genre. His highly acclaimed Writers Retreat Workshop, and video and audio courses remain available through The Freelance Writer's Handbook contains a wealth of information on leads, query letters, markets and making money off of writing. While some of the references and methods outlined in this volume might be dated, there is a wealth of timeless information and wisdom on articles, pitching, queries, agents, and writing in general.


David and Max

Twelve-year-old David takes his basketball along on summer vacation, hoping to find a court and some friends at the beach community. Whatever happens, he knows that he can count on Max, his grandfather, for good times and lots of laughs. He finds much more. Unexpectedly, David and Max, along with David’s new friend Candy, become caught up in a search for a man Max thought had died in the Holocaust. Slowly, David learns about Max’s terrible years during World War II, information that Max had never intended to tell. As he comes to terms with Max’s horrific memories, David grows to understand more about the meaning of honesty—and about himself.


Five hundred dollars: that's what they need. Five hundred and twelve dollars and seventy-two cents: that's what they make from their concert in Missy's barn. Popcorn is on the way!

But will the group be able to cut a demo at famous Long View Farm Studio? And will a record company be impressed enough to sign them up?

Twelve-year-old Mark Newman, Popcorn's leader and keyboard player, has dreamed about it so much that it seems real. His friends—Missy, on drums, and Richard, on guitar—are not so sure.

But applause carries them—applause, hard work, and the encouragement of Roger, Mark's martial arts instructor. When Popcorn plays, Mark doesn't even think about Joel "The Troll" Hanson who is waiting in the wings to demolish him. When Popcorn plays, people smile. And though Missy's rock hero, the great Lance Follinsbee, may dodge the press and his fans in New York's Central Park, Popcorn wouldn't dream of it! They go for the top.



Comprehensive, breakthrough course. 23 step-by-step units. For writers of novels and narrative nonfiction...available in both DVD and MP3 formats. (Gary references selections from BAFFLED IN BOSTON, GOOD IF IT GOES, and DAVID AND MAX.)


BOGART: IN SEARCH OF MY FATHER, by Stephen Bogart with Gary Provost

Combining the drama of Humphrey Bogart’s life with that of a son whose path of reconciliation first had to move through a very difficult time, this is biography at its best—at once a loving tribute and a fascinating revelation. This ebook edition includes photographs directly from Stephen Bogart's personal collection.


Instruction for Writers

Gary’s invaluable, easy-to-use handbook helps you solve any and all writing problems — whether you are a student, business person or professional writer. Timeless!

Another timeless guide to help you fashion your own creative style by avoiding weak and wasted words.

“A crystallization of Gary Provost’s writing wisdom... philosophy made practical.”
—Writer’s Digest Books

Strong Characters. Conflict. Surprise. Master the cornerstones of great writing.

Master techniques of ripping stories from the headlines for fun and profit.

The Freelance Writer's Handbook contains a wealth of information on leads, query letters, markets and making money off of writing.

Gary and his wife Gail collaborate on an inspiring book for young people, and people young at heart, who dare to dream big.