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HOW TO WRITE AND SELL TRUE CRIME , (Writer's Digest Books) (Crossroad Press)
Re-issue of one of Gary's most popular books for nonfiction writers, but now available in eBook format!

Comprehensive, breakthrough course. 23 step-by-step units. For writers of novels and narrative nonfiction...available in both DVD and MP3 formats. (Gary references selections from BAFFLED IN BOSTON, GOOD IF IT GOES, and DAVID AND MAX.)

100 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING: Proven Professional Techniques for Writing With Style and Power
100 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING is a complete course in the art of writing--simplified, of course, because Gary wrote the book.

Since its publication in 1985 by Penguin Books (A Mentor Book), 100 WAYS continues to be a treasured tool for today's writers. . . You'll find detailed explanations and expert advice about every aspect of writing...from inspiration to punctuation in Gary's gem of a handbook. . . . Designed for both instant reference and cover-to-cover reading.

MAKE YOUR WORDS WORK: Proven Techniques for Effective Writing--For Fiction and Nonfiction
Here, with warmth and humor, Gary helps you understand at last everything you need to know to feel as though you've got a firm grip on all the basics of technique and style.

That accomplished, Gary helps you move on to absorb the next level of excellent writing. Together you will tackle the more intangible concepts and complex elements involved. Best of all (and, almost magically), you'll find the learning has been fun and, well . . . rather easy.

NOTE: In his novel-writing courses Gary often referred to examples from Make Your Words Work, and from his work-in-progress, which became the humorous mystery novel: Baffled in Boston, (listed below).

(MAKE YOUR WORDS WORK was originally published in 1990 by Writer’s Digest Books; available as a 'Back In Print" book through The Author's Guild).

Baffled In Boston
In Gary's comic mystery novel, burned-out true crime writer, Jeff “Scotty” Scotland, spends his days winning imaginary arguments, defacing reviews of his books, and counting flowers on the wallpaper. But when his best friend, Molly, a nationally syndicated advice columnist, is murdered, he must get out of his pajamas and find the killer.

The novel was inspired by Gary's own experience as one of 7 finalists (out of a field of 12,000) in the Chicago-Sun Times' national search and contest to find a replacement for advice columnist, Ann Landers.

(Baffled in Boston was originally published by Berkley Prime Crime; now available through The Author's Guild 'Back In Print,' published by iUniverse.) (Soon to be available as an eBook.)

BOGART: IN SEARCH OF MY FATHER, by Stephen Bogart with Gary Provost
Now available in eBook format, wherever eBooks are sold.

BIOGRAPHY about Marilyn Greene, the number one finder of missing persons.


Non-Fiction: How-To Instruction for Writers
Filled with professional tips and a wealth of instructive examples, Gary's invaluable, easy-to-use handbook helps you solve any and all writing problems -- whether you're a student, business person or professional writer. Timeless!
Timeless instruction of proven techniques for effective writing. “A crystallization of Gary Provost’s writing wisdom... philosophy made practical.”
--Writer’s Digest Books
Gary's voice shines through in this, his final work of fiction -- which was to have been the first of a new comic mystery series, starring "the most likable--and unlikely--sleuth to come along in years." Originally a mass market publication by Berkley Prime Crime, it remains available as an Author's Guild trade paperback, and will soon be available to fans as an eBook from Crossroad Press. (References to BAFFLED are also in Make Your Words Work as well as in Gary's DVD / MP3 Course, the VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP.)
Non-Fiction: How-To Instruction for Writers; Biography; True Drama/True Crime

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