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GARY'S COURSES: VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP - (Home Study DVD Course) and WRITERS RETREAT WORKSHOP (aka "WRW") - (Intensive, Residential 10-day program)

2014 WRITERS RETREAT WORKSHOP (WRW) has been scheduled for mid-May to be held in a beautiful retreat center near San Antonio. 2015 WRW has been scheduled to be held in Connecticut. Please check back for more details!


Once upon a time Gary's 23-unit video course was THE breakthrough program for writers (of all genres) who were passionate about learning to improve their skills in order to craft, develop and complete for publication their novels-in-progress or works of narrative nonfiction.

Now, as then, if you have an idea for a novel, or have been working on one but feel stuck or overwhelmed, you can learn all the fundamentals for crafting your book from Gary -- step-by-entertaining-step -- with the Collector's Edition of the VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP. The DVD /​ CD /​ MP3 formats make it easy for you to study in the comfort of your own home, go at your own pace, and learn, learn, learn. Gary's warmth, wit and natural approach make the learning not only fun but also (Boston accent, included) easy to absorb!

For more details or for special orders, contact Gail at: learnfromgary@​ or click the quick link for information about the VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP.


Gary's 75-minute DVD workshop makes learning to write well easy, and fun. (Bonus material with the VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP: COLLECTOR'S EDITION.)

“Provost is your in-house writing coach. He laces common sense advice with humor and specifics and, best of all, he makes it easy.”
– Ken Lizotte, CMC, President, Emerson Consulting Group, Inc.


Writing a novel is so personal. We all find it difficult to be objective about our own work. So, if you have reached that moment when you'd rather know than not know what is or is not working and why--we can help.

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The one (and only) writing program featured in the USA WEEKEND article: 'VACATIONS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.' Internationally acclaimed ten-day "BOOT CAMP" workshop for writers of novels and narrative nonfiction.

WRW was founded in 1987 by Gary and Gail Provost to provide writers like you with an intimate, intensive, personalized program, offering as much current nuts and bolts instruction, writing time and one-on-one feedback as conceivably possible within the ten days.

After celebrating our 25th year in 2012, WRWers are in the planning and development stages for the next 25 years. So, check back now and then to discover what new generations come up with next!

WRW 2012 staff included Jason Sitzes, WRW Director/​ Instructor, and Lorin Oberweger (Free-Expressions), WRW Editor /​Editor-in-Residence /​Instructor. Guest faculty featured New York literary agent Meg Ruley of the Jane Rotrosen Literary Agency, and acclaimed editor/​author/​instructor Elizabeth Lyon, who returned to WRW for a 7th gig. (Elizabeth is a popular speaker at conferences around the country, and is the author of numerous books for writers, including the "must-have" Manuscript Makeover). (Currently under construction.)


Non-Fiction: How-To Instruction for Writers
Filled with professional tips and a wealth of instructive examples, Gary's invaluable, easy-to-use handbook helps you solve any and all writing problems -- whether you're a student, business person or professional writer. Timeless!
Non-Fiction: How-To Instruction for Writers; Biography; True Drama/True Crime
Timeless instruction of proven techniques for effective writing. “A crystallization of Gary Provost’s writing wisdom... philosophy made practical.”
--Writer’s Digest Books
Gary's voice shines through in this, his final work of fiction -- which was to have been the first of a new comic mystery series, starring "the most likable--and unlikely--sleuth to come along in years." Originally a mass market publication by Berkley Prime Crime, it remains available as an Author's Guild trade paperback, and will soon be available to fans as an eBook from Crossroad Press. (References to BAFFLED are also in Make Your Words Work as well as in Gary's DVD / MP3 Course, the VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP.)

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