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100 Ways To Improve Your Writing (NAL/Penguin)

A complete course in writing — simplified, of course, because Gary's the guy who "wrote the book". Since its 1985 publication, this gem has been a treasured little handbook. Designed for both instant reference and cover-to-cover reading.

Make Every Word Count (Writer's Digest Books; Crossroad Press)

Considered by many writers as their "Go-To Bible" for both fiction and nonfiction. Have fun learning what you simply must know about style, tone, intention, characterization, credibility, description, dialogue, viewpoint, and oh-so much more. Gary guides you to speak to the reader and controlhis or her reaction. Simply put, this is about writing that works! <b>Timeless!</b>

Beyond Style: Mastering the Finer Points of Writing (Writer's Digest Books; Crossroad Press)

To write like a pro, you must reach beyond the classroom basics of composition, get a grip on the more complex concepts, and learn how to create books, articles, and stories that move—not only from the editor's desk to the bookstore, but also in the minds of your readers. Gary helps you tackle that tough task. Here you'll touch the soul of fine fiction and nonfiction. You'll explore the intangibles: the relationships between form and content, proportion and pacing, slant and theme. And you'll gain a new perspective on how words work together. (A favorite!)


How to Write and Sell True Crime (Writer's Digest Books; Crossroad Press)

THE book that takes you step-by-step through the process of crafting your true dramatic story into compelling, pubishable shape for commercial success. 



How to Tell a Story: The Secrets for Writing Captivating Tales (Writer's Digest Books; Crossroad Press)

Drawing on Gary's proven philosophies, and based on Gary's intensive WRITERS RETREAT WORKSHOP course, Peter Rubie examines every facet of storytelling, from narrative hooks to fulfilling climaxes. Through advice, exercises, and an outstanding array of examples, you learn to create gripping narratives powered by strong characters. Discover secrets of sequencing, weaving subplots into rich stories, manipulating story pace to increase conflict, tension, and surprise. And so much more!



The Freelance Writer's Handbook (NAL/Penguin; Crossroad Press)

Had been THE book for freelancers back in the 80s. The publishing industry has evolved with new technology, of course, yet this guide offers a wealth of timeless advice, stylistic wisdom and information for those considering the writing profession. 


Make Your Words Work (Writer's Digest Books; Author's Guild Back In Print; Crossroad Press)

The editors at WD Books asked Gary to combine the content of top-selling Make Every Word Count and  Beyond Style into a single comprehensive volume.  This is it.





Thousands of writers, in the comfort of their own homes, have learned from Gary with his VIDEO NOVEL WORKSHOP—the first, comprehensive course on video to help writers learn how to craft, polish and complete a work-in-progress for submission and publication. Whether your project is a novel of any genre or a work of narrative nonfiction, he simplifies the complex process, step by step, with these 23 easy-to-absorb units. 


And now, with newer technology, the program is downloadable and easily affordable too!


DVD format: $59 (USA)

Digital download: $29


To place your order with an invoice, contact Gail

Or, if you have a PayPal account, send your payment to the legacy WRITE IT/SELL IT account at 





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