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HOW TO WRITE AND SELL TRUE CRIME: How To Spot Local Stories and Turn Them Into Gripping National Bestsellers (Writer's Digest Books)

Original 1991 WD version hard to come by but now you can own the eBook version!

In the book's Introduction, after sharing a bit about his own true crime writing background, Gary writes:

"But this book is not about my career; it's about yours. . . You must at least suspect you are capable of writing readable true crime stories and that writing true crimes is right for you. Well, it is, if you are interested in writing both fiction and nonfiction, because you'll need the doggedness of a journalist and the talent of a novelist. It is, if you are fascinated by people who do the unexpected, places that produce the unlikely, and conflicts that pull like a magnet on all who come near. It is, if you can tell the truth even when the truth is not as interesting or as exciting as you had hoped it would be.

"Writing true crime is not for you if you are intimidated by authority, if you can't stand the company of lawyers, or if you cannot see the humanity in even the most violent and remorseless of criminals. . . It is especially not for you if you are extremely uncomfortable in the presence of people who have suffered great pain. Make no mistake, when you write true crimes you are going to meet people who have suffered something awful.

"Okay, so now that we've gotten that straightened out, let's move forward."