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No wonder an agent had contacted Gary to write this book. At the time Gary was one of the nation's leading, most beloved writing instructors. And a sought-after speaker, consultant, and celebrity biographer. He freelanced thousands of newspaper and magazine articles and columns. Authored dozens of books covering most every genre. Was a Writer's Digest contributing writer and columnist. Book doctor. And so much more. And yes, some references and methods are outdated. Still, there's a wealth of information for freelance writers today. Leads. Queries. Pitching. Agents, etc. You'll gain a new perspective on how "things" in the publishing world have evolved over the years.

Now available in ePub format


Instruction for Writers

Gary’s invaluable, easy-to-use handbook helps you solve any and all writing problems — whether you are a student, business person or professional writer. Timeless!
A go-to "bible" for writers of fiction and nonfiction. Paired with BEYOND STYLE, you hold the secrets to writing like a pro.

“A crystallization of Gary Provost’s writing wisdom... philosophy made practical.”
—Writer’s Digest Books

Are you an aspiring author? You are, aren't you! Well, here, Gary and Peter examine every secret, every facet of storytelling, from narrative hooks to fulfilling climaxes. With an outstanding array of examples, you can learn to master the cornerstones of great writing. Step by step. (An original Writer's Digest publication, it is now available to writers in ebook format from online booksellers.)

Master techniques of ripping stories from the headlines for fun and profit.

The Freelance Writer's Handbook contains a wealth of information on leads, query letters, markets and making money off of writing. This had been THE little manual for freelancers . . . back in the day.

The most popular of Gary's novels is now available as an eBook. AND is also now an AUDIBLE book. It's hilarious. It's so . . . Gary.

Gary's irreverent look at just about everything. Click to learn how this "underground hit" launched his unstoppable writing career.